Monday, May 10, 2010

The Secrets of Yoga, God & Universe

Secrets of Yoga, God & Universe
It is an advanced theoretical book on Yoga, which synthesis the latest developments in Sciences & Spiritualism and extracted from the book God & Self-realization. Author has successfully answered: from where we came; who imprisoned us in our body; what after death? What is the purpose of life? What is the mysterious universe around us? Who made the scientific laws governing the universe? What is the purpose behind creation & destruction of universe? What is God? Is it possible to contact & know God? How to know God and how to contact Him? The author has tried his best to satisfy all such eternal quarries in this rare book. Author explains both the spiritual & scientific view of universe.

ISBN # 81-88043-06-0, PB: Rs. 195 in India – US $ 20 outside

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Miraculous Saints & Yogis a book by Dharam Vir Mangla

Miraculous Saints & Yogis
It explains scientifically the most miraculous saints & yogis of the world. How the scientists are intentionally ignoring the miracles performed by great saints, yogis and Avataras to create firm faith in God. Scientists have ignored the omnipotent powers of God, which man can achieve. Author has successfully explained the difference between the Magic & Miracles, which are generally misunderstood by the common man. The readers are exposed to so many sacred divine powers attained by the yogis through yogic practices. Book is successful in creating a devotional love for God. It is useful for both believers & non-believers.

ISBN # 81-88043-07-9, PB: Rs.150 in India – US $ 15 outside

Postage: Rs 30 in India US$ 8 outside India

The Eternal Question 'Who Am I' a book by Dharam Vir Mangla

The Eternal Question ‘Who Am I’

Author has interestingly raised the eternal question “Who Am I”, which is puzzling the whole humanity since the beginning of the time. He has successfully explained and answered it. This is most valuable for the yogis to understand the fundamentals and the real aim of Yoga. Author has scienti-fically and interestingly explained the difference between our physical body and our own self i.e. ego ‘I’. After reading the book the readers will clearly understand that they are not the physical body, which generally they presume, but an immortal soul, which is a spark of God.

ISBN # 81-88043-08-7, PB: Rs.150 in India – US $ 15 abroad.

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God & Self-Realization a Book by Dharam Vir Mangla

Author: Dharam Vir Mangla

God & Self-Realization (A Scientific & Spiritual View)
This is an advanced complete theoretical book on Yoga, which synthesis Sciences & Yoga. Author has successfully answered: Who am ‘I’; from where we came; who imprisoned us in our body; what after death? What is the purpose of life? Who are Guru, Teacher and Instructor? What is the difference between Avatara, saint and man? What is this mysterious universe around us? Who made the scientific laws governing the universe? What is the purpose behind creation & destruction of universe? What is God? Is it possible to contact & know God? How to know God and how to contact Him? The author has tried his best to satisfy all such eternal quarries in this rare book. Author explains both the spiritual & scientific view of universe.
ISBN # 81-901604-0-0, Rs. 295 in India -- US $ 25 outside

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kundalin & Kriya Yoga a book by Dharam Vir Mangla


Kundalini & Kriya YogaIt is a best selling comprehensive complete practical guide & workbook of Yoga. It covers both the Kundalini Yoga and sacred technique of Kriya-Yoga, theory as well as practical. It is a searchlight to the seekers of God to learn and practice yoga at their convenient time. It can bring physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual development of the aspirants. It can bring sound health, peace, harmony, bliss and joy in the life of the readers.

ISBN # 81-88043-55-9, Paper Back: Rs. 250 in India, US $ 20 outside

ISBN # 81-901604-3-5, Hard Back: Rs. 395 in India, US $ 25 outside

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God Realization Foundation

God-Realization Foundation (GRF)Membership

The explosion of scientific knowledge has led to the explosion of spiritual knowledge also. Man has started re-thinking both scientifically, spiritually & philosophically to know God better for peace, joy and harmony in life. But due to technical advancement, man has become extremely busy with his official duties and responsibilities of daily life. In ancient times seekers of God used to live together with Gurus for years. But now it is neither feasible nor possible to live in the company of Guru in an ashram or in jungle for our inner spiritual search for God, which is haunting all of us day and night.

The explosion in Internet and communication technology has solved this limitation of time and space. As such an organization like ‘The God-Realization Foundation’ (GRF) is very much needed in the busy world. Now the seekers of God need not to wait for a Spiritual Guru, which is difficult to find and contact. You can better get the required guidance and spiritual knowledge just at the click of a button on your computer.

To achieve this aim, GRF was established by M/s. Geeta International Publishers & Distributors in India. Sh. Dharam Vir Mangla the author of various advanced level spiritual books on yoga along with other spiritually advanced persons has founded it to achieve this aims. It is a secular organization in its way of thinking and practice. Various advanced level e-spiritual tests have been designed by GRF after lot of spiritual research & discussions. These tests contain various spiritual questions with multiple answers in which most of the seekers of God are interested, but none answers to them. The answers of spiritual questions are as much exact as of sciences & mathematics. By gradual correctly answering checked & guided by Sh. Dharam Vir Mangla one learns faster, higher & higher in a logical way about God. The great epic Srimad Bhagwad Gita is also an output of answering questions by God Himself asked by his devotee Arjuna. Unless somebody guides us in spiritual path personally, it is difficult to get success. There are so many spiritual misconceptions need to be clarified in spiritual path.

Aims and Ideals of GRF

 To provide e-spiritual technical guidance thru e-mail directly at home to the seekers of God, who are unable to join an ashram personally in the company a realized Guru, leaving his family, office or business to suffer. To create love and devotion for God in the world.

 GRF believes there is only one God, who has bestowed only one Dharma to humans, which have pre-historical scriptures direct from Him without any contradiction. No human is the founder of this Dharma. God reincarnate only to re-establish His own Dharma in different ages.

 To correct the atheists in their biased thinking.

 To provide the true universal broad concept of God and to remove the misconceptions about God.

 To encourage the scientists who logically believe in God’s existence, to come forward and speak openly about God and propagate their opinion without any fear. Scientists are still silent about God and pre-historic Scriptures inspite of the fact that majority of them believe in these.

 To suggest new topics for further spiritual researches for the scientists, doctors and technicians on the mystic scriptures and about the miracles and Siddhis shown by so many saints.

 To make people understand the correct meaning of yoga as it is worldwide misinterpreted as few exercises & asanas to cure diseases. Yoga means communion of our soul with God.

 As yoga is a universal science for all, so the teachings of GRF are also secular, universal, non-political and unbiased to any religion or philosophy.

 To answer the various spiritual questions of its members and circulate the same to other members, if it is useful to all. Most of the organization doesn’t provide this facility.

 To conduct e-Spiritual-Achievements Tests for its members, so that they are able to know their spiritual achievements. They are corrected if wrong and guided for further studies. After qualifying the tests, a member is entitled to receive Kriya-Yoga initiation (Diksha) if he desires. Then he will receive detailed knowledge of Kriya technique.

 To study and provide more information about the miraculous saints and the Scriptures to its members. Scriptures doesn’t mean the so-calleholy books.

 To serve the mankind and to bring a spiritual revolution in the world to bring peace, harmony, joy and Ananda in the world.

How to become the member of GRF

Membership fee is Rs 2,000/- or US $ 50.0 per year to be sent to 197, Geeta Apartments, Geeta Colony, Delhi-110031 in favor of ‘Dharam Vir Mangla’ through crossed Cheque, Indian Bank Demand Draft or Postal Order both payable at Delhi.

Or You can transfer Rs 2,000/- through online transfer to Bank A/C. Or you can transfer US $ 50.0 thru PayPal in our a/c or Western Union Money transfer.

And inform us your e-mail ID and about the payment sent by e-mail dvmangla@gmail.comFor any further query contact us on

About the Author

Sh. Dharam Vir Mangla, M.Sc. M.Ed. PGDCA got his masters degrees from university of Delhi. Since his birth he was of scientific bent of mind. He joined his Ph.D. in Mathematics at Delhi University in 1969. Since his childhood he used to study the religious books. He used to discuss about God, Shastras and the science with saints and learned people. In 1969 a divine miracle of Sri Sathya Sai Baba transformed his soul, life, philosophy and thinking. He became a perfect theist with a firm faith and conviction in God. He totally surrendered himself to God. After that he was fully interested in knowing and seeking God. He devoted all his energies in the pursuit of God, spiritual studies and yoga practices. This book is based upon his 40 yrs long practical experience of Asanas, Pranayama & Meditation, learned from various advanced saints in Himalayas and YSS. The Yogoda Satsanga Society (YSS) of India initiated him in 1989 in ‘Kriya Yoga’.

He is a scholar of Science, Mathematics, Education, Philosophy and Yoga. He has the ability to correlate the Sciences, Shastras, Spiritual Science and God. His books are useful to all categories of men, believers, non-believers and the wavering minds about God. Sri Mangla is now the author of twelve advanced level books on yoga, you will love to read.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Know God thru Questioning by Dharam Vir Mangla

About the book
Know God thru Questioning

Spiritual knowledge is an outcome of our own inner frequent philosophical questioning about God, soul, Scriptures and mysterious universe around us. It removes our ignorance. The best epic Srimad Bhagwad Geeta is also an outcome of the answers bestowed by Lord Krishna to the various questions of his puzzled disciple Arjuna.

Author has designed many Spiritual-Tests in this book, in which various interesting inner spiritual questions are being raised, which haunt most of us in our life and no one is able to answer correctly. He has also categorized these questions into different chapters of Spiritual, Religious, Scientific, Scriptures, Dreams, Death & After-Death and Miscellaneous etc. The questions are logical, philosophical and interestingly raised in such a way that most of the readers are likely to confuse and answer, but their spiritual knowledge gradually increases manifolds. Author has also given the answers with logical explanation after the tests. These are based upon his whole-life research and inner revelation during deep meditation. When we deeply commune with God, the answers of our inner questions are revealed directly and no further doubt remains.
ISBN: 978-81-90678-45-2, Paper Back
Price: Rs 350/- in India, Outside India: US $ 25